• Steven M. Coplon
    Steven M. Coplon Chief Executive Officer
  • Teresa Dunlap
    Teresa Dunlap COO
  • Amanda Perry
    Amanda Perry Director of Specialized Counseling

    Master of Science in Social Work . Licensed Clinical Social Worker [LCSW]

  • Cathy Schroeder
    Cathy Schroeder Chief Financial Officer
  • Judy McLaughlin
    Judy McLaughlin Director of Adoption Services

    Masters of Science in Counseling

  • Audrey Lawrence
    Audrey Lawrence Clinical Director

    RN, BSN

  • Shamiah Gillespie
    Shamiah Gillespie Director of Client Services
  • Stacie Maze
    Stacie Maze Director of Community Relations
  • Shelley Sumner
    Shelley Sumner Events & Special Projects Manager
  • Wendy Quinn
    Wendy Quinn Community Outreach Coordinator
  • Terri Austin
    Terri Austin Financial Assistant
  • Christie McBride
    Christie McBride Office Administrator
  • Patti Long
    Patti Long Raleigh LaGrange Nurse Manager
  • Susanna Taylor
    Susanna Taylor Poplar Nurse Manager